Nulled Restricted Entry - Age Restriction Plugin for Concrete5 (Concrete5)

Restricted Entry is a simple block that allows you to request visitor age verification before viewing page content.

Visitors are prompted to enter their birth date. If they are old enough, the are allowed to view the page, or re-directed to another page. Or, if they are NOT old enough, visitors are either shown a message or re-directed to another page.

  • Specify a minimum age (ex. 18 years old)
  • Custom Title
  • Custom description text
  • Option to display link on page which launches age checker box
  • Redirect to page upon success
  • Redirect to page upon fail
  • Automatically displays once per browser session
Redirection Options:
  • None
  • Redirect to page within site
  • Redirect to external URL

NOTE: To avoid potential conflicts, only one Restricted Entry block should be added per page.

To make the entire site restricted, simply add the block to a global area!

REQUIRES Concrete 5.7.1 and newer, and works on version 8.

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