Nulled Daily Astronomy Application (Android)

The present application allows the user to get a daily Astronomy informations like Mars weather, near earth objects (asteroids), Mars Rover Photos…
The application uses several open APIs like APOD API, MAAS API, Mars Rovers Photo API …


  • Get the Astronomy picture of the day with the ability of sharing it in social media or making it a wallpaper image.

  • Get Mars weather data transmitted by the Curiosity Rover.

  • Get image data gathered by NASA’s Opportunity rover on Mars.

  • Determine whether Mercury is in retrograde for a given date.

  • Search for Asteroids based on their closest approach date to Earth.

  • Android Studio Project with complete documentation.
  • Ready AdMob.

Documentation is about:
  • Renaming the package id and the application name
  • Changing the application icon
  • Changing the application colors
  • Changing the NASA api key
  • Changing the AdMob ID
  • Generate a signed APK

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